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Administrivia takes time, my friends.

Lots of odds and ends today, including sending off some nominations for Intracities for the Fountain Award as well as work on another potential writing award. Unfortunately, I won't be eligible for any of the prize money in these awards. What am I thinking? Where's the cash? And why ain't it flowing toward me?

It's always amazing at how much TIME things like that take to accomplish. Luckily, before I got started on that I spent most of the day working on the SF novel, fixing all sorts of logic and continuity issues, which I find quite satisfying, for some perverse reason. I feel really good about the shape the book's taking (a complete 180 from my opinion of it from as recent as a week ago!). Amazing what a deadline can do for your writing.

With a couple more hours tomorrow, I should have the whole shebang ready to send out. Very cool.

In other cool news, it's official -- my dog Whit Hates Bush! Scroll down to see the accompany photo (slightly risque, so be warned!). Just doing our civic duty, with a tip of the hat (or water bowl) to Gwenda for pointing out this nifty site. hee hee hee...

Now to go track down my wife, who's been running all over creation today while I slog away in the novel mines. Later!

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The waves rolled toward her and receded, flashing stars and moonlight with a sound that made her eyelids heavy.

Shontera blinked and smiled, thinking about a raised foot with finger toes at the end of hit, holding up a brown bottle of beer. Still smiling, she looked up at the stars starting to pop out in the sky above her, and she sent another thank-you out to the night sky, in the direction that she guessed was where Father Joshua was headed. It was as accurate a guess as any guess could be, and even if her best estimate wasn't exactly right, it was made in good faith.

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