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Silly/not silly horoscope

I always enjoy checking out the horoscopes for Elizabeth (Sagittarius) and me (Gemini) on My Yahoo homepage. I love how they can fit almost any situation. I think mine for today was especially fitting:
  • Today is a great day for you, and you should enjoy a great deal of playful conversation, dear Gemini. Fantasy is likely to play a big role in the events of the day, and you may find yourself daydreaming as you walk down the street. Don't bother with reality if you don't have to. You are much better off keeping the tone of things light and playful. Enjoy your fantasy world and feel free to invite others into it.
It's appropriate for me today because I just finished up the copy-edits for the SF novel this morning, and all I have left to do is a final read-aloud of the first 3 chapters just to make sure the opening is totally free of errors.

So... welcome to my fantasy world! I always daydream as I walk down the street. And I definitely don't bother with reality, even if I have to.

Elizabeth's horoscope says she might want to consider going shopping or getting a haircut. So there you go. Big things going down today, man! Later.

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