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What I Been Doing...

All right -- done editing and tweaking the text of my urban fantasy novel, THE LAST OF THE HAND. Ended up getting up early this morning, around 4:30 a.m., to get it done. I found and fixed one big continuity problems and fixed some bad scene blocking in one of the many battle scenes at the end. Everything makes sense, now, I hope!

So that novel goes into the files until I hear back from the agent I've queried about that one. If that agent's not interested, I'm sending it out to a bunch of editors, I think, just to see what happens...

And tomorrow I pick up the Blackbeard novel and begin revising the hell out of that, including making it a one protagonist romance as opposed to alternating viewpoints (girl to guy to girl, and so on). I'm sorta excited about this one -- I think it has lots of potential. I just need to find time to sit and read all of the old version to re-familiarize myself with the story and characters.

And so the Editing and Revising Machinery continues to clank on and on... Though I have been having some yearnings to write a couple short stories, now and then. I only have half a dozen subs out there right now! Later...

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