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In Between Days

Okay, first things first -- the Super Bowl turned into a pretty good game. I got some good reading done during the first half, when both offenses were unable to do much of anything, breaking only for the extremely bad commercials. But the second half was pretty good -- lots of big plays and unbelievable passes.

The commercials were disappointing, but then, it's TV, so what do you expect? I'm not sure why we bother even watching the Super Bowl for the commercials -- what year were they actually better than the usual lame ads that run all the time? Lots of juvenile humor and some mean-spirited stuff (especially the one with the ref's wife screaming at him two inches from his ear -- those mean wives!). I did laugh a lot at the American Chopper guys, but that's because we've watched that show every now and then and I think the goofy brother Mikey with his glasses and Kurt Cobain hair and his deadpan humor is hilarious.

Because of the game, I didn't get around to re-reading my Blackbeard novel and making notes on that. And I won't have time to do so until the weekend. Which means I'm stuck for a project for this week. And that means it's time to brainstorm some short story ideas.

Some fun links I sometimes use to check out for ideas include: Technoshamanism, Urban Legends, and The History Net.

Right now I have about eight potential story ideas, and I'm trying to decide on one. Most of these are ideas I've had for a while but never got around to writing. So... maybe I'll just try writing something new.

Man, it's already 6:30 and time to get a move on with the day... And I didn't even get to talk about Justin 'n' Janet at the world's lamest Super Bowl Halftime show! Can you say K-Tel medley of semi-washed-up acts? Did any of them get a chance to sing a whole song? I guess Justin was trying to spice things up when he was fondling Ms. Jackson... And of course I missed it! I guess that wasn't a pastie, after all... [Oh wait, it was a pastie-- so glad the news has covered this terrible thing in such great detail! Wow -- to think we almost let this pass us by!] Later.

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