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Lessee... tired and burnt out, maybe?

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Looking at 1Q04 with blurry eyes

This year is flying by, as usual – when did the time start speeding up like this? I remember as a kid thinking that it would never be summertime, and nowadays, the summers all pretty much blend together.

As it's the end of the first 1/4 of the year, I thought I'd try to cheer up my tired, burnt-out self with a quick check of all I've accomplished so far on my 2004 goals.

Revise and submit my novels The Last of the Hand, The Wannoshay Cycle, and Heart's Revenge
I actually accomplished all three of these goals (don't you like how I got three goals for the price of one for this one?) already, which explains why I'm tired and burned out. I did so much revising, actually, that the prospect of simply writing a story feels overwhelming. I'd almost rather…

Start work on a new novel
I've got the situation and protagonist for my next novel pretty much in place (I give some details about this in my SF Reader interview, if you are really really dying to know!). I just need to start blasting away at it. This novel's going to be a free-for-all. I just need to get my energy levels back up to speed so I can really enjoy the process. In the meantime, as a warmup, I'm re-reading Tolkien. Wahoo!!!

Get in shape!
I'm actually doing pretty well with this one, though I tend to chow down too much. But I'm exercising pretty regularly, mixing up weightlifting and cardio at the gym, with the occasional wall-climbing, Spidey-style, at the open belays at the YMCA. And now I can add lawn-cutting to the repertoire…

Get a job where I can excel and not get bored
Well, I got the job, and it's been a really good challenge, though right now things have slowed down a bit, which makes me a bit stir-crazy. I'd rather be busy-crazy, which I was in the past 2 months. Which probably also added to my tiredness and burnt-outness…

Write six new short stories
Having a bit of a problem with the first of the six planned stories. I've got the situation and character and the first 2 scenes drafted, but I can't seem to find the time to really bust out that 1st draft. Hopefully soon.

Research two new novels
Started doing work on the baseball novel, but that stalled a bit as I got sucked into the novel revising. I'll probably put this off for a few more months, too, as I'm itching to get to work on the new novel, which won't require much research at all. Thank you, high-fantasy genre gods!

Write a screenplay or a comic script, or both
Unless Marvel Comics calls, I'll probably do a screenplay later this year. I've got the bones of a comedy put together, with an eye toward someone like Jack Black as the protag. Yes, this will be fun. I'd pitch it as "School of Rock" meets "Cocoon." I can't say anymore about it for now. ;)

Get an agent or book deal, or both
Man, I'm working this angle pretty hard right now. I've got almost three dozen queries and one complete manuscript out there to mostly book editors and the occasional agent. I'll probably send out another wave of queries later this year. Maybe. Or maybe I won't have to. Heh.

Learn to play guitar

This goal went by the wayside. No time, and it made my carpal-tunnel pain worse. Sorry, music world. I replaced this goal with a new one: Read two novels a month. I've already fallen behind on this one.

Focus on not stressing about life in general.

I've been pretty good about this, but lately I've been letting things get to me, like financial woes (though the taxes are DONE, thanks to my lovely wife, and we're getting some dinero back from Unca Sam) and other mundane issues like the Day Job and credit card debts and the like. I sometimes wonder, as I go back and forth to do my 8 hours of penance (aka The Day Job), if there's not something more in life that I'm missing. Especially on gray days like today. But mostly I try to be upbeat. I just need sleep to combat it. Did I mention I was feeling tired and burnt-out?

Okay, so let's recap – I've knocked out one whole goal already, am making really good progress on four others, and am whittling away at the other five goals. Now if I could just get some sleep and slow down time a bit, and this will be a fine year, indeed. Later!

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