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Journal Burnout

Well, I've been meaning to write an entry of interest one of these days, but I can't seem to muster the energy. Maybe I'll get back to the old once-a-day journal thing, but for now I'm a bit burnt out. I'm trying to cut down on my Web-surfing, both at home and at work. It sort of leaves you with that feeling you get after munching on one too many Cheetos: kind of full, but jittery, and with orange fingertips.

One of the main reasons for this is to get more work done on my new novel, which I started last night at Caribou Coffee in Chapel Hill! Actually, I wrote the first paragraph at work, when I was supposed to be researching instructional design. And so, because one of my goals for the year is to get serious about the Day Job (and as a result, enjoy it more), I want to quit obsessively updating and checking my online journal.

Don't cry! I'll be around. ;)

And I'll probably continue to update my Today's Writing entry at my Night Shades Message Board.

Of course, I've tried to kick the ol' Internet-surfing/journal-reading habit before... If you read this journal regularly, you probably know I like to make Big Pronouncements and then backslide later. So check back and see what I'll do next. Or not.


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