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Rebooted and hopefully refocused

Okay, lessee, how do we do this journal thingie again???

The past few weeks have been a blur, so it's been a challenge for me this morning, coffee mug at my side and Bob Mould on the CD player, trying to remember what all went on, writing-wise and otherwise, and focus on what I'll be working on next. I feel sort of like I've been rebooted (but not after a crash, luckily).

The past week I was busy revising a short story (well, three actually) for an interested editor. I realized that I'm not good at relaxing when I have people waiting for me to finish something, even if they don't expect me to get the project done two hours after giving it to me. In this case, I got an email from the editor last Wednesday or Thursday, with some suggestions for fixing up the ending, and I was a wreck the next few days, trying to find time to get the revising done.

What I should've done was chill out, reread the story again, and trusted myself to get it done in a reasonable amount of time (instead of being stressed out over a holiday weekend). Ah well. Live and learn. The revision's done now, the story's much, much better as a result, and I even tweaked a pair of other stories in the process. Fingers crossed that the story gets picked up!

In the midst of all that, along with some other major news that I don't want to share Just Yet, I tried to do some work on the new short story I started earlier this month, as well as the new novel. "Tried" being the key word of that last sentences...

But today is a wide-open day for Elizabeth and me. No major errands to run, no people to visit, no yardwork to do. Me, I plan on drafting a whole hell of a lot on my new story all morning, preferably working on my newly-restored wireless laptop (yeehaw!) out on the back deck with the pooch next to me and tunes playing a soft accompaniment to my harsh banging of keys. And then, as a reward, I plan on reading a book! What a concept.

Okay, so I think I remember how to do this journal thingie after all. Hey, I never promised it was going to be exciting. And now it's off for a long walk in the woods with the pooch. Then writing. Later!

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