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"Don't be a guy, be a man."

As soon as Elizabeth's sister found out Elizabeth was pregnant, she unloaded all her birthin' books on us. While the obligatory What to Expect When You're Expecting looks nice and informative (if a bit too chock-full of info), we also got a real stinker of a book. It's called The Guy's Guide to Pregnancy. Apparently it was intended for me to read.

Yeah. Right.

It's a pretty insulting book, if you ask me -- insulting to me personally, and pretty much any other expectant father with a brain. The book was written with the assumptions that 1) as a "man," you really don't want to have kids, 2) you'd much rather hang out with the Boys than your wife (does anyone really do "Guys Night" anymore???), and 3) women are for looking at and lusting after, not for having meaningful relationships with.

Here's a for-instance: "You probably remember the exact moment when your wife told you she was pregnant -- it was right in the middle of the Big Game."

Yeah! Right!

It just gets better from there. Luckily they break the chapters down for you with lots of bullets and maybe 3-4 pages of "content." Like the top ten fears you'll have about your wife getting pregnant, which include her getting fat, losing interest in you, no more nookie for you, and oh, yeah, almost forgot, having a healthy baby.

I tell you -- I can't relate! I'm not saying I'm god's gift to women or Mr. Sensitivity or anything (but I am, I am!). But are there really "men" out there who think like this (i.e., with their trousers?)

Ah well. Once the initial shock wore off, it got kind of funny, reading this book. Apparently, women who are pregnant pee more. Who knew???

More tidbits to come as I digest the depth and breadth of this tome. Later!

P.S. Free cool points for naming the movie quoted in today's title.

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