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Pretty good, thanks!

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Oh yeah, writing fiction...

Man, I apologize for the multiple postings, but it's been fun getting back into the swing of journaling again. It's been a crazy month so far, but I don't want to forget about good ol' fiction-writing too.

I've been struggling with my short story set in Raleigh during February's snowstorm all month. I got distracted by the Wannoshay rewrite last week, and haven't gotten back to the story. Until today. I finally did some NEW writing on the story. I made some good headway into the latest scene. Before today, I was starting to wonder if I still had it...

Of course I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. to get the writing done, and I was dragging all day long.

Oh, and for fun I started reading the fourth Harry Potter, speed-reading it actually. The plan is to read the fifth one with Elizabeth, so we can practice our reading-aloud skills for the Jasperito (sorry, I'll try not to overdo the overly cute parent/baby anecdotes). So far so good -- I'm enjoying the World Quidditch tournament a lot.

Oh, and finally -- this weekend I'm going FISHING! On the ocean. With my bro and my dad. On this boat:

Hey, where's land???

I'm both excited and a bit nervous -- I just hope I can keep my cookies down. It should be a lot of fun. Big thanks to Matt for organizing it and inviting me along. And I'm sure Lizzie's family will take care of her while I'm gone. Luckily she's over her week of nausea and feeling much better. I'll probably be the nauseous one, thanks to the motion of de ocean...

So yeah, it's been an interesting week. Later!

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, JK Rowling

Today's Quote:
Claudia thought of the canvas in the other room that the elderly man she called Archie had just begun work on a week ago. Archie was a crusty old white man, skinny as a rail and mad as a hatter. But he was always a gentleman in her class, and some of his painting styles were inventive, if not near genius. She had one of his abstracts sitting in her cramped room, waiting for her to get enough cash to frame it and put on her wall.

"Claudia?" Marlene touched her hand. "I'm sorry. There's so much meanness in the world lately. It's contagious I think. At least Mr. Archer is at rest now, away from all the ugliness."

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