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Follow the bouncing ball to chapter four

I'm quite enjoying the daily writing I've been doing as part of this Dare, and because of my familiarity with the storyline (from working on it every day), the story is taking shape quite nicely. Luckily I plotted lots of events for the team to deal with, too many to fit in one novel, so I can pick and choose the most interesting ones to chronicle.

Chapter three had some good ones, too. I want to jabber on and on about them, but I don't want to bore ya. Just wanted to share the fact that I've knocked out three chapters already, and I'm quickly approaching the fifty-page mark. I should be able to get a lot of chapter four written tomorrow, I think.

In other news, we watched "Matchstick Men" last night, and we were both pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It has a bit of an uneven start, and Nicolas Cage's character was a bit too similar to the Nicholson character in "As Good as it Gets" (OCD), but once the actress came onscreen who played his daughter, the movie really took off. It had a really good ending that could've been wonderful if it would've ended one scene sooner (but I can let it slide, giving it a happy ending, versus a bittersweet ending). You should check it out -- a surprisingly good movie, with some nice plot twists. Let me know what ya think... Later!

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