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Ribs, Potter, Puttering, Room

Man, the weekend went by way too fast! As did today, but it's always good to get a Monday behind you.

I didn't get as much writing done this weekend as I'd hoped, but I'm feeling much better about where I'm going with it now -- just added some odds and ends to the current chapter as well as fixed up some continuity issues. Tonight or tomorrow I get to write one of my big "set pieces" -- a game that takes place here in North Carolina, with an eight-year-old slugger named Buck Leonard.

And I got to add a reference to zeppelin attacks, setting up some plot twists later on. (I wonder who thought zeppelins, basically big aluminum containers full of hydrogen, would be great to use on bombing runs? How do you pitch THAT idea? The zeppelins were bombs themselves!)

I'm almost at 50 pages in the novel already. I need to keep up this pace if I want to finish it by the first week of August. Note to self: More Caffeine!

In other news, we went to see the new Harry Potter movie yesterday. It was pretty good -- a bit slow in the middle, with a really great last half-hour. There were two scenes in particular that gave me chills -- that ol "sensawunder" -- the first was when Harry was riding the hippogriff and he raised his arms, and the second was when he was saving Black next to the frozen lake. Now that's the kind of cool shit I expect in a fantasy movie with the budget this flick had! Overall, it was much better than the plodding, dull first two movies in the series.

After the movie, I got to make ribs with our friend Clarke on our charcoal grill! Damn, that was fine eating, if a bit labor-intensive to make. I burnt some of 'em, but they still got eaten.

And finally, after a busy weekend of running around and cleaning and just a tiny bit of writing, I ended up in our mostly empty guest bedroom, which is now the Baby's Room. My brother loaned me some furniture for the Jasperito, so at about 10:30 last night I finished putting together a crib and a baby bed. Along with the changing table (you have to have a whole table to change a diaper???), the Baby Room is looking quite nice. Something tells me it's going to get full. Fast. Later!

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