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Nightwriting, deserves a quiet night... I'm not sure all these people understand...

So I'm trying out this whole writing-at-night thing this week for a change of pace. Mostly it's because I haven't been able to focus in the morning due to being so dog-ass tired -- the Day Job's been kicking my arse. 9-hour and 10-hour days, and damn if my carpal-tunnels aren't killing me.

For some reason, I've been having good luck writing after Elizabeth goes to bed, and I give myself a deadline of midnight, so I've got 9 minutes to goof off yet tonight. Then I roll out of bed at 6 or so and do it all again.

Tonight the plan was to not quit until I'd finished the massive chapter five (almost 20 pages and a bit over halfway done with it), but I couldn't hack it. I didn't get the chapter done, but I got my words in for the night, and I'm on page 95 (I'm shooting for 1500 words a day). I'll finish the chapter tomorrow at Borders while Lizzie's off at Yoga Yoga Yoga.

And as a reward, I'm buying myself the new Dark Tower book to geek out on this weekend. I skimmed a lot of King's Wolves of the Calla and found that there was a good bit of extraneous stuff in there. None of the books have been as tightly plotted as the second one, Drawing of the Three, though I do dig the weird shit in the third book (and it's more of a Quest, y'know?). I still think King needs a good editor and he needs to follow the 10% rule, dammit!

But I'm looking forward to the new book. He throws so much crazy shit into these books that I want to see if he can wrap it all up. Should be fun ride, regardless.

Now it's almost midnight, and I must crash. Later!

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