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Pregnancy Update 5: A Handful

So now the little one is about 5-6 inches long, big as a person's hand. Cool!

On Thursday (I would've reported in sooner but was too busy working Friday and Saturday, and too busy reading and relaxing today!), I went to Elizabeth's monthly checkup so I could the Jasperito's heartbeat. Everything at the checkout was right on target, good blood pressure and only 2 pounds gained (by Lizzie, that is; not sure about me), and we had all sorts of questions for the doc, which she answered with ease.

Then she got the little microphone out, and within half a second found the baby's heartbeat! It was too cool -- the baby was going about 145-150 beats per minute, which is right on target. I think he or she was swimming laps, because the doctor couldn't keep up with the little tyke.

And pretty soon Elizabeth is going to feel the Jasperito start to move. She's more or less out of the worst of the nausea, though she still has moments of queasiness. And she's going walking more and hoping to hit the gym for light weights as well.

We had a really relaxing day today, spending most of it on the back deck or in the hammock -- the weather finally cooperated and gave us a cool, breezy day. I finished reading the new Stephen King Dark Tower book (liked it a lot, but didn't love it) and Elizabeth read a bit and napped a bit (okay, I admit it, I napped too!). Just have to get this week over with at the Day Job, then we get almost a week and a half off. Can't wait! Later...

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