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Happy, yet tired...

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Today's news? Well, yesterday Lizzie felt the baby booting her in the belly for the first time! How crazy is that? She just felt two little taps on her lower abdomen... from the INSIDE. Freaky. I'm picturing the little Jasperito doing laps, and using Mom's uterus to kick off for one last round.

Other news? I just hit 30,000 words on the new novel, after less than a month of working on it. Very cool. I feel like I'm in the groove now, and with next week off from work (the Day Job's been kicking my ass for the past two weeks!) I hope to get even more written. It's nice being 1/3 of the way through this first draft of the novel already! Sweet.

Not much else to report. I've gotten sort of bored writing journal entries here, and gotten much more interested in writing "real" journal entries in my paper journal. So I prolly won't be doing a lot of "personal" entries here, and using this more as a News listing (hence the new name, up above, in the links area... well, ONE of the many "links" area on this busy page). And I updated my Home page as well, just for "kicks."

In any case, I do promise to use "quotes" more often in everything I "write." I just wish I could be there in person to make the "quotes curled finger movements" for you. Really I do. Later!

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