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Coast Photos, as a reward

In honor of buzzing through over 70 pages of revisions tonight -- on the Wannoshay novel, of all things -- I thought I'd indulge in some photos I took with our cheap-as-all-get-out digital camera while I was walking on the beach out in Oregon the past weekend. I enjoyed these walks quite a bit, either by myself or with some of the other writers -- a nice escape from the intensity of novel-discussing and coffee-drinking (not to mention the table of snacks during the discussions).

The best part was the last day, when one of the other writers told me the seals were out. Seals! You don't get them out here in North Cackalacky!

Yes, there are seals out there -- you just can't see 'em that well. The cheap camera has a weak zoom. But two of the seals were about 20 feet off the beach, popping their heads up every few seconds to see if I had any goodies. I had none.

On the beach is this incredibly cool hotel, seemingly built right into the bluff:

And it was open for business! I thought for sure it would be closed, but I saw folks there, chilling out.

And chilly it was -- most days I'd be wearing a T-shirt with a long-sleeved T-shirt over it, along with my shorts. These folks, out fishing, were much more bundled up -- and the fog and mist was quite cool:

But most of all, this is my favorite shot of the beach, and it's my new wallpaper for my computer at home. Check out those rocks -- this ain't swimmin' water, here!

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