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This weekend was Save the Yard Weekend. I hadn't gotten a chance to mow the grass before I went to Oregon a weekend ago, and then with the hurricane-induced rain and wet weather this past week, I wasn't able to get out the ol' rusty mower until late last week. The grass was shin-high, and the mower blade were so weak, that I didn't cut the grass so much as bludgeon the grass into submission.

Then there were the weeds. And the dead bush. And the pine cones. Damn the pine cones!!!

But I also got some good revisin' done on the SF novel, for a very nice editor who asked to see the whole manuscript. I tidied it all up Saturday morning and shipped it off. Now I must forget about it and continue revising novels. Got three to go.

I'm trying to figure out, actually, what's wrong with my fantasy novel. I don't think it starts in the right place. Anyone interested in reading the first 50 pages? I'll reciprocate by reading and commenting on something of yours. And the very cool SarahP would vouch for me, I'll bet. Her novel rocks, by the way. She needs to finish it. (nudge nudge)

I'm thinking I'll move to the baseball novel next. I still want to take a whack at the fantasy novel and the paranormal romance, but I'm really feeling the need to work on the All Nations again. I've had 6 weeks off from it, and that seems like a long enough cooling-off period from it. Plus I've got all that knowledge from the workshop to put to good use.

(By the way, if you're interested in reading more about the workshop, I can send you my notes, which I typed up for some writing friends today).

Tomorrow Lizzie and I start our first childbirthing classes! Woo-hoo! Should be cool. We're down to about 10 weeks left before young mister Drew's due date. We're both getting pumped up about it. I've started getting up early again, so I'll be used to not getting much sleep when he arrives.

And I think I'm crazy-busy right now... Heh. :)

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