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CJs, DT, 4AM, and 7 PoVs!

This morning on the drive to work, I listened to a pretty good interview on NPR with the Cowboy Junkies. I've not listened to a lot of their music, but I've definitely heard of them. Their stuff sounds a bit too depressing and muted for my tastes, but what really fascinated me was the bit in the interview when they talked about how the singer sings one of their songs from 20 years ago in a totally different way now.

For one, I thought it was cool that this band has been around long enough to outgrow the initial meaning of the song (it's a song about a girl who's fallen for someone who's more or less crazy, if not dangerous); the "narrator" of the song has grown up.

What I also really dug about the interview was how much time they spent discussing this one song. I enjoy that sort of in-depth discussion about something that's been created -- I got a lot of that at the novel workshop, and I don't get a lot of that same excitement at my Day Job. At the Day Job, you can't sit and analyze a song -- you got to keep on cranking out the widgets.

Such are my thoughts on the commute to work...

Especially when I have a million other things I'd rather be doing, like reading the last book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Like a fanboy I ran to the bookstore to snag a copy of it hot off the press (yesterday was King's birthday, as well -- significant? Could this be his final novel? I dunno...).

Of course I realized that I'd need to skim over the penultimate book in the series to really appreciate this last book, which I want to enjoy a bit more slowly than Song of Susannah. So there's more time I don't have. Oh well. Being busy just makes me appreciate my free time even more. I guess.

Speaking of time, I've been getting up early again. Early, as in 4 a.m. early. Okay, maybe closer to 4:30 a.m. today. But still. I'm adjusting to it pretty well, though I'm jonesin' hard for a caffeinated beverage right 'bout now.

I'm revising my urban fantasy novel now, and it's coming together nicely. I like the story and characters way too much to just let this one sit in the trunk. So I'm giving it one last go 'round. The plan is to send it out again, once it's all done, under an assumed name. :)

I was mapping out the three-dozen chapters today over lunch, and I saw that I have SEVEN point of view characters. Doh! I was going to fix it so I just had two "PoV" characters, but I can't do it and still tell the story I want to tell. So seven it will remain. So there.

Finally, the baby-birthing class was fun last night -- we got to meet the dozen other couples and go on a tour of the hospital where we'll meet Drew for the first time, 'round December. He was kicking up a storm all night during and after class, in anticipation. Later!

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