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Sub-conscious weekend

The plan all along was to spend a week or two revising my past three genre novels, getting the proposals and opening chapters up to snuff. That was the plan. Then, by mid-October at the latest, I could start hacking away at the rewrite to the baseball novel.

After mini-marathons last weekend and now this weekend, I find myself already pretty much done revamping the SF novel, the fantasy novel, and the paranormal romance novel!

The reason? I've got nibbles, man. Some editors are interested in looking at those books. Novel subs -- solicited subs, no less! -- are always good motivation.

What's cool is that in each case, I was able to use all that I'd learned at the novel workshop to make each book into something I really feel proud of. Ultimately, I try to make my novels into books that I'd be dying to read myself. Finally, I feel like they are at that level -- engaging, fun, and filled with interesting characters and plot twists.

And now, man, after about 5-6 hours of working today as well as about that much yesterday, I'm ready to push away from this computer and read for fun! I've got the last Dark Tower to read (while Lizzie takes a quick peek at the updated opening to the romance novel before I send THAT out) once we get done chowing down on King's Wok chinese takeout.

And on that note, I am outta here. Later!

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