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Pregnancy Update 9: Almost at Week 3-0!

We're buzzing into the third trimester now, almost at 30 weeks, and the nightly baby-in-the-belly dancing has gotten quite good these days. Drew likes to wake up around 9:30 or 10 to do his kicking and stretching and repositioning. I'd pay top dollar to be able to see just exactly WHAT he's moving around in there -- is that an elbow or a knee? a head or a rear end?

Right now, his movements inside Lizzie's belly are looking pretty freaky. Like a major case of indigestion, times one thousand.

We survived night two of the birthing class. I guess Elizabeth has watched enough Discovery Health, not to mention, um, working in the health field for the past few years, to not be freaked out by the biology of birth.

I, on the other hand, am a bit overwhelmed by all the different fluids involved leading up to the Big Push -- the bloody show (why does this sound like a Brit swearing about a movie?), the mucus plug (ew), and the water breaking -- to name a few. I wanted to ask for a timeline of these fluids, but thought better of it. We'll figure it out as it happens.

And that's the best lesson we learned from our class. Just relax. Stressing out and getting all worked up about the baby coming (and the pain, can't forget the pain) just makes things worse. Women have been having babies for a long, long time. You just have to give 'em room and let it happen and stay calm.

I have no worries about Elizabeth -- she's a tough cookie. My one fear is she'll have some sort of nausea or vomiting incident. That would be... bad. For her, and for me. But I'll keep her as distracted and entertained as possible. That's my job. Later!

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