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Not believing this year's 3/4 over already...

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September -- Wha' Happen?

Man, where DOES the time go? This weekend just flew by, and it wasn't just because I picked up a little flask of whiskey at the ABC store on Friday... Well, okay, that maybe made Friday night blur past a little bit, as I waited for Lizzie to get home from her conference in Greensboro, and I hung out on the back deck, sipping whiskey and cooking some steaks.

I wanted to do a sort of summing-up from the past month, but with October already 4 days in, it seemed a bit silly. We had a really nice weekend, with a baby shower yesterday (Drew scored some SERIOUS loot) and lots of reading and chilling out and watching sub-par comedies -- "Anger Management" and "Along Came Polly" (don't screenwriters even bother with plot anymore?).

With October comes a bunch of deadlines, as Jason pointed out in his journal entry. I'd like to write a story or two this month for the the NCSU contest as well, along with my various revising/editing of my other novels. I haven't done a story in a long, long time, and this would be the proper kind of motivation for me.

I haven't gotten time to do any writing lately, and I'm getting a bit irritable and antsy. This little voice in the back of my head starts to chirp at me like a cricket stuck in the baseboards. Get to it, get to it, get to it!

I blame Stephen King -- I've been working like crazy to get to the end of his final Dark Tower book. Part of the problem is that it's 845 pages, and a bit padded -- I keep falling asleep as I read it. Maybe the weight of holding up the bug-thumper is tiring me out. Actually, I feel like he's dragging his feet a bit, not wanting it to end. But I'm about 40 pages from the end, and Roland the gunslinger has FINALLY (seven books later) reached the tower. Maybe tonight I'll see what happens NEXT.

And yeah, I peeked at the last line already, so don't try and spoil it for me. Beat ya to it! I frickin' HAD to know.

Once I'm done with that book, I've got to dive into a brand-new book -- my own. At last, I've got proofs for my short story collection! Sweet. I'm looking forward to getting a fresh look at my own writing again. Maybe I'll get some story ideas there. Ya never know.

And now I'm outta here. Later!

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