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Coming Soon...

Still no Drew. Still waiting. I hate waiting.

In other news, Clarion is hosting a Midnight Auction running Friday and Saturday, January 28 – 29, 2005. Having attended back in '96, I wanted to help, so I sent 'em 2 signed copies of my story collection and 5 copies of Intracities as well. All you Clarion grads out there, shoot Lister and the gang an email and donate what you can. They have a good chunk of change to make for next year's class (can you say seventeen grand?).

They're hoping to make at least $1,000 on the auction, and while I know a no-name like me ain't gonna make a big dent in that debt, I have to try -- I learned a lot there, and I'll always look back at that summer with huge amounts of nostalgia, even if I came back pretty much brain-fried for a good month.

Think about it -- six weeks living away from your family and friends, no day job (no day job!!!), living in a dorm room again, and hanging out with writers all day (though I wasn't as social as my classmates -- I was a bit serious there, didn't even play this game that apparently every other class at Clarion played, about villagers and spies...? What was that game called? I played cards every now and then, and volleyball, and a couple games of basketball, some watergun fights, and that was about it). Not to mention writing and reading A LOT.

I'd like other new writers to get that chance. So if you're a grad and have some "product," contact the Clarion folks. And if you like books, check out the auction at the end of January. There's sure to be some great stuff there. Later!!!

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