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Sanford and Son

Hey there. I haven't been making any rounds to visit yet, but I hope to soon. I'm just trying to prime the pump a little bit by writing when I can, and trying to find some consistent time I can get computer access. I do want to get back to keeping up with your stories soon.

Meanwhile, I am looking at the cover of my Sanford and Son, Season Five set. Fred has his indomitable look, like he's just pulled something off, and Lamont is looking slightly askance (sp?) at him, like he did something he shouldn't have. I want to feel like Fred looks in this picture more often. He just makes me smile. It's that sturdiness again. I'm putting a little faith in your remarks these past days that I've got some of that warmth I'm looking for, but I know inside I don't yet have the sturdy I want. But that's probably why I like Redd so much (besides his comedic genius) - for a half hour I can borrow some of what he gives Fred.

Here's to characters with robust egos (but not so robust we can't care about them - not the psychopaths) that let us of the more fragile kind imagine. Here's to Han Solo, Scarlett O'Hara, the Fonz, Cleopatra (Liz Taylor), Cool Hand Luke, etc. Throw in some more, if you feel like it.

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