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discursive thought

Well, perhaps it's just the new medicine cocktail, but on the whole, I'd say life has been easier the past month than in many years.

I haven't done a lot of formal sitting meditation, but with what I've done and an attempt to live mindfully, staying in the present as much as possible, I was able to see some mind monsters coming and invite them to tea. And they were actually quite peaceable once they sat down. Somehow by seeing them well enough to call them by name, they seemed to calm down on their own without a willpower fight.

And willpower fights against these guys have never been won. And somehow mindfulness of my mind's flights of fancy has been a key part of being able to keep my mind sitting instead of running IN A FEW CASES. And that has been nice.

No great claims being made that I've permanently changed my life, etc. But all the same, perhaps these are small signs that there is some other way of living possible that isn't based on fear and flight.

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