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Welcome to the Pawns Unite Blog, which provides running documentation of the collective research for Rethinking Wargames, a participatory net art project initiated by Ruth Catlow.

The primary aim of this project is to create and promote new rules for chess in which pawns join forces to defend world peace. Rethinking Wargames uses the game of chess to find strategies that challenge existing power structures and their concomitant war machineries. Those with a talent for strategic thinking, are invited to contribute to the reevaluation of an evidently inhumane, anachronistic and violent system of human institutions, mirrored on the chessboard.

After the successful launch of the new online game, Activate:3 Player Chess,( Low-fi Net Art Commission 2003), plans are afoot, to infiltrate the international chess playing community on and offline with the rules of the new game. The idea is to spread new peace-promoting, non-heirarchical models of organisation and conflict resolution like a virus. Please mail me with ideas about ways in which this might be acheived.

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April 2005
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