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J--Fifth Letter
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Dear J,

About the weather--I spoke too soon. Yesterday turned hot and humid. When I turned on the air conditioner to cool it off a bit, the moisture drain ran with water, which splashed onto the ground in a puddle. I stayed in my air conditioned room for an hour until it got dark and cooled down. Had both cats and Jasmine with me. I think they were just as uncomfortable as I.

After dark I went outside to commune with the tomatoes and the weird flying things--ah, yes, it's insect hatching time again. The tomatoes are ripening nicely and the taste is heavenly. No comparison with store-boughten stuff. Even the ones I get at the Farmer's Market on Sunday don't come up to homegrown standard.

At work things are finally coming together for the start of school. A. is in her usual snit--you know, the one where she says, I'm not going to cooperate and you're not going to make me. As if anyone would try to make her (snicker). We asked nicely for a progress report and what I got back in the e-mail was an unadorned question mark. Just a question mark, nothing else. Which means, I guess, she doesn't know. (And of course she does. She's just being difficult). If I were the manager, I'd relieve her of duty and put her somewhere counting paper clips or contemplating her navel. Good thing I'm just a flunky, isn't it?

Well, that was my racket talking. I'm over it.

Moving on to more interesting things--you, especially. How are you doing? I think of you daily and send good wishes. If good wishes were horses, then J would ride.

Love, as always,

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