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Deer in the Headlights
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Wednesday afternoon we discovered we had to do a study/spreadsheet (for stuff starting in August and September) that we had been told we wouldn't have to do this year--the cenral unit Supervisors would do it. Normally, it takes two to three weeks to do this report. This year Secundus gave us two days. It was due yesterday.

Wait, that's not all. School started Wednesday with hundreds of children not in the computer so they didn't get the service they require because we didn't even know of their existence. We're still scrambling around getting the required stuff set up and running for them.

And yesterday in the afternoon we discovered that the supervisors have to do a report which sets up the service for August and September, due 5 p.m. on Tuesday. With no data, no maps showing physical location, only a list with totals. We depend on knowing geographical locations to estimate size of equipment, travel times and so forth.

This is crazy! I've never seen my boss angry before--not like this--he's usually collected and professional. Yesterday late afternoon he was nearly incoherent. Here it is the age of computerized information and we're back to SWAG with paper and pencils.

At least 20 years ago we had printed rosters and we could make manual counts by zip code and we could use big maps covered with Mylar and marking pens to put a dot for each person and then create our stuff.

We've gone backwards and the only reason I can see for it is two men's need for control, spin and manipulation. Also a need to set things up so there will be someone else to blame--no excuses or explanations accepted. Fall on your sword. Quietly.

And then, dammitall, the interruption of service for June is due Monday as well. Where's my kitchen knife? I don't own a sword.

===============Further thought:

We KNOW how to do this stuff. We've been doing it for nearly 20 years now. We're experts. And with the computerized info, it was beginning to become routine, even. And now it's all blown to hell.

I can't see that taking notes and having a de-briefing afterward will do any good. We tried that last Friday with the results noted earlier. And if we report the misfeasance, guess to whom we have to report it...the same Secundus who is the controlling force behind all this in the first place.

No, we have a game plan for our local area of responsibility. We made packets for our supervisors of information from last year, printed lists of numbers and tactical suggestions for approaching the problem. We will hunker down and take care of our own as best we can. What else can we do? We have customers depending on us.

I feel so powerless in a situation in which I really am an expert. I guess that's the source of my anger. Oh, well, as the proctologist said, "This too shall pass."

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