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Life Under the Bushies
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Or, "Head for the Hills!"

The headlines get more and more depressing:

--Powell says Iran is pursuing the bomb. With Powell's credibility in shreds, whom do we believe?
--FDA gets cozier with drugmakers at the expense of public health. Few drugs are recalled, even when shown to be hazardous. The drug industry is powerful and have the Bushies in their pockets.
--U.S. knew of the flu vaccine problem months ago, but the FDA under the Bush administration did nothing.
--House Republicans act to protect DeLay, though about 10 years ago they led the action to step down when it was against Rostenkowski. The grand jury does not indict on a whim or a guess. Evidence has to be presented regardless of political affiliation.
--New Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, Bush confidante from Texas.
--Harriet Miers, SMU law graduate, Texas lottery official named chief White House lawyer. What is with these women?
--Condi Rice nominated for Secretary of State. We all know her as the chief lip-synching sychophant.
--And Fallujah is in ruins, "liberated" from the insurgents. Do we even understand the concept of self-determination? Obviously not, since it doesn't exist here either.

All of this, dear friends, only two weeks after an election in which he barely squeaked by. Now they are showing their true colors; so much for "reaching out" and "bilateral non-partisanship".

I wonder how much longer we will be allowed to express personal opinions on the internet when they oppose the entrenched powers? At what point will Homeland Security decide that anti-establishment expression on the web threatens our country and must be suppressed?

Read/Post Comments (2)

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