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Companion Dog
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Jasmine is half German shepherd, half Golden Retriever. Her coloring is very GSD, but her build and temperament are all Golden, broad in the chest, broad in the hips. She is the sweetest people dog I have ever shared living quarters with (except perhaps for Major when I was 10). Jasmine is always right by my side (except when tormenting Misty), sitting on my foot, leaning against my leg, huffing her dog breath into my face.

When I was sick last year with the flu, Jazzy stayed by my bed 24/7, except to visit the great outdoors twice a day and occasionally eat. She was so concerned that she would lay her head on the bed and breathe in my ear (getting it all warm and damp) until she fell asleep and slid to the floor.

She loves to chase balls as well as cats and when she was younger you never saw her without a ball in her mouth. She would walk on water for a chew toy and race all over the back yard to catch the water coming out of the hose. True to her retriever nature, she still loves water play and goes into a frenzy when I turn on the hose.

Her only failing is that she’ll use any excuse to bark. Hello, goodbye, I’m sure I heard a leaf fall from the tree—any excuse at all. She’s a very mouthy dog. But she sure makes up for any failings with her sweet loyal disposition. I’d love to have another dog, but Norm says no. He really doesn’t like dogs and only tolerates Jasmine. She senses it, too, and often jumps up and stands between us when Norm approaches. I think she perceives his hunched shoulders and the way he holds his arms as threatening.

She's gotten very gray around the muzzle, as Goldens do, and the gray also edges her ears. She's a little slower and a little quieter these days. My best friend is getting on in years.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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