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Doggy Redux
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Even though Norm is cool toward the idea of another dog, I am sure I will get another one (travelling to pick it up would be twice the pleasure, since I love the Seattle area). Norm has discovered that the dog lying in his path has actually increased his mobility, oddly enough, since he has to look for her before he starts to move and plan a path around her. It's related to the discovery that Parkinson's patients who "lock up" often can unlock and get walking if they have something to step over.

In addition, I've taught Jasmine to move out of the way on command. It's always difficult to teach a loving dog to "go away" because she wants to be close, but there are times (for instance, when we're at dinner) when doggy attentions are not appreciated.

The other part of the husband/dog relationship is that with the increase in disability has come a concurrent withdrawal from activities and friends. Most days he spends hours planted in front of the computer--8, 10, 12 hours. The dog is often his only break for companionship and activity; since I'm away at work all day, she comes to him when she needs to go out, she announces the arrival of the mailman and other delivery persons at the top of her voice, and she sits at his feet and keeps him company. He was achingly lonely the time she had to stay overnight at the vet's (for minor surgery) though the Hot Place would freeze over before he'd admit it.

And while I'm on the subject of things medical and canine, I have to admit I'm allergic to both dogs and cats--and horses, too, as I remember it. I take my allergy meds when I need to and I wash my hands after handling them. I just can't imagine life without my quadruped housemates.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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