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Vegetable Thoughts
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I'm dreaming of red, ripe tomatoes just like the ones I used to eat. Of course, the tomato plants are only 3 inches tall and the garden is still newly-dug, waiting for amendments. The soil here is so heavy -- almost clay -- that without amendments it turns into adobe brick in the first dry heat of summer. Still, though, I can dream. My goal is to have them planted (with cages) by Good Friday.

I'm a country girl at heart, though I've lived most of my adult life in the city. I love watching things grow, both animal and vegetable. Nothing would make me happier than to be a "gentlelady farmer" with my gardens (vegetables and flowers) and a dozen or so laying hens, cats and dogs for company, maybe a goat or two to browse among the fruit trees (to remind me I'm not a sheep). How bucolic!

In the future, I'll really need help with the heavy work though. I dug up this garden and lugged heavy bags of compost and soil amendment in from the car, and I'm just about knackered. Time to get some tea (no crumpets--what are they, anyway?) and put my feet up and rest. After lunch, I'll tackle the gardening again.

While I'm outside, Jasmine keeps me company and there's always a cat lurking on the fence or under the rosebushes. Great company and sometimes I find myself talking to them. I hope that's not a sign of impending oldladyhood. Some animals are better company than most people I know. But don't kid yourself that they don't talk back; they do. Jasmine always has to have the last word. "Woof!"

See what I mean?

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