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Daylight Saving Time
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OK. That's it. I have had it. I've totally run out of patience with this clock-setting, watch-setting thing. I have to get my glasses on. I have to have three pairs of hands. And I have to know what time it is. Phooey! Why can't they change automatically the way my computer, my television and my VCR/DVD players do?

I'm going to buy another watch and another clock and just exchange one for the other every time the time changes.

I have to drive into the dawn sun on my way to work and into the setting sun on my way home. I wish there were an easy solution to that problem.

{grumble} The worst part is that changing the time by an hour messes up traffic something fierce. I don't know if it's due to loss of sleep, out-of-synch body rhythms, or what, but people will drive this week as if they tuned in to Mars Radio or Bug City Bugaloo. U turns in the middle of traffic, sudden stops on freeways where everyone else is going 65 mph, and driving backwards down (up?) a thoroughfare are some of the things I've seen in previous years. Completely scary.

In a couple of weeks, everyone will be back to normal. Normal crazy, that is, not insanely cranky.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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