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Cats in a Quandry
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Jasmine has no problem with time change. Dogs are like that, it seems. If it's something you want (yeah, like I wanted to lose an hour's sleep and screw up my daily rhythms), it's all right with her. Anything, just keep the ear rubs and chew toys coming.

The cats, on the other hand, do not understand, do not like the time change because it affects their dinnertime, and do not accept the break in the daily rhythm of life at all gracefully. Misty (the long-haired gray one) could acquire the appellation of Grumpy if she continues to grumble about the dinner hour's variance. It's an hour earlier, so what is your problem? Her problem is she wants to be fed--again--an hour later.

Callie, on the other hand, is mostly discombobulated in the morning. She is used to attacking bathroom rugs in the pre-dawn darkness without human feet in the way. This morning I nearly stepped on her in my early morning drowsiness and she let me have it with the sharp pointies. Ouch! The way she was squalling, you'd think I had scratched her. There is nothing like starting your day with an irritated cat.

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