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Accident Investigation
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As the ranking staff member on site, I was sent this morning to the scene of an accident. One driver was sent to the hospital with glass in her eyes from the shattered windshield. The other was taken away from the scene by person(s) unknown before our investigators could question him.

The accident was quite the most spectacular non-fatal accident I've ever seen. Our safety experts took lots of pictures and measurements and gathered up evidence. I stayed out of the way and let the experts do their job. My job was to stand around and supervise. OK, I can do that.

And keep our folks from speculating too wildly in front of witnesses and news reporters/photographers. The poor homeowner kept walking around, shaking his head at the damage. He was quite elderly and I got the impression he was more confused than anything. We corralled him and kept him out of the street and up on the sidewalk.

Nobody else was injured, for which I am profoundly grateful, though I imagine a couple of people will feel a bit stiff and sore tomorrow.

Moral for the day: When driving always maintain a view of the "big picture" and ALWAYS leave yourself an out. But you know that already, don't you.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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