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As Sue would say, an incredibly unremarkable day, except for the fact that it's so beautiful--warm, sunny, a light breeze to keep things fresh and sweet.

Did some desultory gardening (weed-pulling) and also several errands. Every time I come home from an errand with a bag or an envelope, Dog greets me as if I've been gone a month of Sundays, wagging from one end to the other and doing victory laps around the house. "You're home, yippee! You're back! Yahoo!" she announces to the world.

Cat, on the other hand, is acting bored and blase. I give her a scritch behind the ears and she stretches out her claws, yawning, displaying sharp white fangs. "Have we met?" she seems to say. This is the same cat who leaps into my lap before it has even truly become a lap and I have to grab her mid-air before she falls. Cats are funny.

The neo-Neantherthal mumbles from the other room, "Hi!"

Ah, but yes, everything is as it is.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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