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Shades of Mickey Spillane
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So I’m about 30 pages into a mind candy book and suddenly it hits me. I go back and check. This is what I find:

Page 2—“I reacted with one of those little jumps you do when you open the evening paper and a spider runs out.” (I like this one).

Page 9—“trash had accumulated like hanging ornaments in the few hearty (sic) bushes that managed to survive the gas fumes.”

Page 10—“escaping on foot then before the inhabitants of the building swarmed over him like bugs.”

Page 15—“as soft and droopy as balloons filled with water….”

Page 17—“his face as gray as the dish rag.”

Page 21—“I love being single. It’s almost like being rich.” (I like this one, too.)

Page 24—“The house had a hangdog look, like a stray being penned up until the dogcatcher comes.”

Page 25—“It was like shaking hands with a Playtex rubber glove.”

Page 25—“Being with devout Christians is like being with the very rich. One senses that there are rules at work….”

Page 26—“as placid as blancmange.” (placid blancmange?)

Page 26—“looked like he was suppressing a fart.” (snicker)

Page 27—“this lady’s heat gauge has shot right up into the red.” (there are people like that, all right)

Page 29—“the older I get, the more my body seems to soften, like butter left out at room temp.”

As I said, shades of Mickey Spillane....

Read/Post Comments (2)

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