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One of my workplace friends has asked me if I still felt unhappy that I had not promoted higher than I have. I thought about it for a bit before answering. I had forfeited all hope for a promotion when I had stood up to management and when I had pursued the course that I had to take to be both honest and true to my own ideals.

It cost me any hope for movement up the career ladder. I regretted that for about six months and berated myself for being a Goody Two-Shoes. Why hadn't I just gone along with the corporate culture? What difference would it have made?

But now I'm glad that I was true to myself, in spite of the conflict with those in charge. It was a major financial loss but a significant personal gain, and I can regard myself in the mirror and not see a hypocrite looking back.

So my answer to my friend is, "No. I'm glad I kept the faith and did not compromise my standards, no matter the cost." I enjoy my job; I know that I give full value for my time; and I did not sell my soul for financial gain.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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