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Multiple Sclerosis
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I have learned a lot about MS in the past few days. I've learned that the day starts out fine, but 3-4 hours later you hit the wall and can barely move, let alone carry on with the tasks of living.

I have learned that a half hour nap will fix you up fine for the next 3-4 hours.

I have learned that MS is a decades-long condition and it comes and goes. During the bad times, all you can do is just the little bit you can do.

I have learned there are other parts to MS, as well. Irritability and labile emotions (learned a new word), pains in the neck (and I don't mean just the metaphorical ones) and poor sense of balance (and you thought I was drunk!).

I have also learned that the MS medications do no more than alleviate symptoms, palliatives at best, and at worst have toxic side effects.

I'm currently learning about diet and supplements. Some seem to work to make living easier, some not.

But there is no substitute for a nice, refreshing nap, even though my coworkers and friends tease me for it. Nap on!

P.S. I forgot to mention heat intolerance, because during this last episode the weather had cooled off and at least that symptom was minor. But the hot weather is a-comin' so the weatherman says, probably this week. Where is there a snowstorm when you need one?

Read/Post Comments (10)

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