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The following is from Morons.org:

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld recently barked that critics of Bush's war on Iraq are trying to appease "a new type of fascism". This takes a lot of gall, considering that a clear majority of Americans oppose the Iraq war and a majority disapprove of the Bush administration's illegal, warrantless domestic spying.

At risk of running afoul of Godwin's law, I can't help but notice that Rumsfeld is employing a standard propaganda technique favored by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister: always accuse your opponents of doing that which you are doing yourself. Ask yourself who expresses the more fascist attitudes- those who control every branch of the federal government with lockstep ideology and launch unprovoked attacks against countries which had not attacked us and who illegally monitor domestic telephone calls without warrants in violation of the Constitution, or those who demand that their liberty not be tread upon, that we don't start wars of choice, and that the government abide by our laws?

You might also look back to the 90's and ask yourself: Are you better off now?

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