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A Blur
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This week has gone by in a blur. Wait a minute! The week isn't over yet!! It's only Thursday today. It seems as though this one week has gone on and on and on ... and each day has merged seamlessly (seems less, too) with the next. I have been writing the wrong dates on each report and notification--27, 29, 28, whatever--as though it really didn't matter (and probably doesn't).

Then yesterday I went for an eye exam during an extended lunch hour, working an hour late to compensate. When will I ever learn? Once he puts the anesthetic eye drops in, my vision is miserable for the rest of the day. Each time it happens, I say next time I'll take the rest of the day off. And each time there seems to be (seemingly anyway) some compelling reason to return to work in the afternoon. Like yesterday.

I actually had these appointments scheduled in a spread-out fashion throughout August, but, like a child's toy, they got shaken to the bottom of the month to be crammed together into a single 10-day period. Today I'm going to the dentist. It's an appointment that's time critical, so I'll keep it, and then work late again today.

Bit of a bummer.

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