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In the Still of the Night
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I woke up, as planned, a little after 2 a.m. How did I plan this wonder of actions without waking the S.O. you ask. I am so glad you asked, because your doing so gives me the opportunity to tell you. I drank a big glass of water at 9 p.m. thereby guaranteeing a visit to the facilities at 2 or thereabouts. Since I had to wake up to walk down the hall...biological alarm clock.

I wanted to get up to watch the eclipse of the moon. An inconsequential wish, since it doesn't change the tide of human history nor does it mark a milestone in my personal life. I just wanted to sit under my old olive tree (he has whiskers again and needs trimming) where I would be sheltered from the glare of the street lamp and watch the earth's shadow glide over the face of the moon. It was quite a sight.

I remember (mumble, mumble) years ago my mother waking me in the wee hours of the morning to go walking down to the shoreline (50 yards or so) to watch a full lunar eclipse. The memory remains with me yet: the waters of the Atlantic Ocean tickling my toes, the stars high overhead, the winds calm and the moon...the moon...a big bite taken out of it, and as we watched, darkness overcame it. A stiff breeze came up just then, bringing chill and a few shivers that had more to do with the eerie light than with the cold.

Thanks, Mom, for a wonderful page in my memory book.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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