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Playing Mind Games
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I'm having fun with this one....

I have a new boss and have been warned that, to him, the sight of a neat uncluttered desk is a sign that you do not have anything to do--or you are shirking what you should be doing.

So I cluttered my desk with "mission accomplished" paperwork. And, sure enough, he nosed through everything on my desk, making comments that indicated he had already done so while I was out of the office--and he found at least two items to criticize or change or do differently.

Of course he did.

Oh, I can hardly wait to get to work this morning. The critical stuff is going to get buried in my file cabinets, to be pulled out and worked on as required. And as for my desk...

My desk will acquire a lovely selection of boring impersonal industry printouts and an unexceptionable calendar with no personal items written on it. My inbox will have trivia; my mailbox will be empty. My email will be minimized or closed.

Never let it be said I didn't recognize a mind game when it fell on me.

Read/Post Comments (10)

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