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So Far, So Good
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As I said, so far, so good on the work front. I'm hoping it *is* possible, after all, to establish a collegial relationship with my boss, not a boss/subordinate one. After all, I have as much experience as he and I'm smarter and better educated (though I work at not appearing so). Come to think of it, all my life I've struggled to appear non-threatening, averagely intelligent, ordinary in talent and ability, so as not to frighten the natives.

This blog is one of the few places where I can be myself.

I have praised my boss for his negotiating skills and his efforts to resolve concerns with customers. (You do get the subtext: only superiors get to evaluate and assess praise or blame.) Though I meant the praise sincerely, I have to be careful not to let the extra meaning become obvious.

The worst part so far is the overwhelming quantity and intensity of my work load. It has doubled--more than doubled--since the middle of August, with the new clients bringing in all the extra problems. My former/continuing clients have had, for the most part, their relationship with my office well-established and are comfortable with the setup. But the new clients!

The new clients' problems reflect as the results of years of poor management skills and decisions. Without backup, the best I can do is apply palliative measures. My hope is that the quantity will abate enough that I can start looking at qualitative improvements in 2008.

Or maybe my boss will retire. He's of the age where many of us start to dream of starting a new life (volunteer work, travel, continuing education) or of playing golf until death do us part.

Let us pray.

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