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Saturday with Book #52
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I split the day between reading book #52 and finishing up with the kitchen and baking more bread.

It's amazing how much more dirt I can see when I'm wearing my glasses and have the doors and windows open. Just when I thought the stove was clean, I took a good look at it and the "Compulsive Corner Cleaner" mode took over. My mother warned me about that. She said it boded no good for a book lover like me.

Never fear, mother dear. I'd far rather read a good book with a slightly clean house than spend the entire weekend cleaning and no book at all. I'll just take my glasses off and ... there. What did I tell you? Looks just fine!

The extra bread baking was in response to request for sourdough loaf and 9-grain loaf from hubby. Now that I have all the ingredients out and the recipes refreshed, it's a snap. Much easier than baking pies or cakes or pastry.

Tomorrow I will venture out to the store in the hopes that the buying frenzy has died down a bit and I can replenish the larder. Heaven help us if we should run out of dish soap or apple juice. What would we do? Use hand soap and drink water, I suppose.

While millions of people go to bed hungry every night. I assuage my conscience by donating to our food bank and by buying food for homeless people when they ask for a handout. It isn't very much and I feel I should do more. If I sold all I have and gave it to the poor, would it be enough?

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