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Monday Vacation
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I'm taking a vacation day today from my 8-hour-a-day (plus) paid employment to get some of the things done that can't be done when I'm on the clock or serving as chauffeur for my husband (who can't drive).

I need to meet with tree people to get estimate on tree trimming. The old, gnarly olive tree in the front yard needs a haircut. The ginormous fruitless mulberry in the back yard needs I don't know how much thinning. There's a "trash" tree--a volunteer--by the fence that refuses to be eliminated, no matter how many times it has been lopped off at ground level and stump killer put on it. I need advice on what to do about the cypress trees that have decided to reach for the sky. And the ornamental palm that isn't so ornamental right now. I can just see the $$$ floating away on little wings....

And I must call the Handyman whose number is on a refrigerator magnet and see if they can send someone to replace a pane of glass. I have no idea how the window broke, but with winter coming on (albeit a dry winter), I really must do something about it.

Then there all the weekend errands to do. I put them off until today because I absolutely, positively, definitely will not budge from my house during the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. I live between two major shopping centers (malls) and the hysteria has been palpable. Helicopters overhead (police and media), many sirens and emergency vehicles going to and fro. Not for me, thank you.

And last but not least I have to clean out the inside of my car. Not the gross stuff--I never let it accumulate--but the spilled droplets of black coffee dried on the console, the dropped coins between the seats, the extra stuff in the glove compartment (which has never been visited by gloves). Then take it to the car wash for the outer cleansing.

All in all, as Sue would say, and Incredibly Unremarkable Day today.

And the kitchen floor. The very last item for the kitchen. How could I have forgotten? (Because I wanted to?).

Read/Post Comments (4)

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