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I started work at 6:30 yesterday in manic mode, doing four things at once and talking the whole time. By 10:30 my throat was scratchy and my head stuffed up. I should have known; it's a dead giveaway when I go into manic mode that a crash looms in the near future, usually a cold. It's been so long since I've been sick, I had forgotten just how buzzed I can get. I'm sure my coworkers could fill you in.

The flu, on the other hand, gives me a weird feeling across the kidneys as the fever sets in. Very distinctly different. No fever today.

I'm following my own advice and staying home, if not exactly in bed. I'm not that sick, but I see no reason to do unto others (spread the virus) as they did unto me (achoo! cough, cough). Furthermore, I have many many hours of unused illness time, so I'm taking the day off.

I do feel a bit like I'm playing hooky, though. In the bad old days, I'd have gone to work, sick or well, but now that I'm (ahem!) years old, I figure it's smart to give the body a rest with recovery time. Why push it?

Well-wrapped in a shawl, feet up on the footstool, I'm going to read a mind candy book, sip on hot tea and let the day pass me by.

Take care, y'all.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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