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Currently (8:30 p.m.) it's 89°F with 9% humidity. Consider: that's down several degrees from today's high.

One universal characteristic of Multiple Schlerosis (MS) is the person's extraordinary sensitivity to heat. Batty could tell you how I complained when the office temperature was 84°F, comfortable for most people, but intensely, nearly unbearably, hot for me.

It's kind of like hot flashes. You get to a certain internal heat and then the whole system overloads and you're hot from the inside out. The only relief is to take a shower. Or my personal favorite: play in the sprinklers.

Another characteristic of MS is emotional lability, a symptom I try and try to hide. Translated: we get really cranky when tired or overheated (or, god forbid, both).

So I've been biting my tongue today and biding my time for cooler evening temps. Any time, now. It's 8:30 already, I'm ready--more than ready--for the temperature to drop.

Poor dog in her fur coat (now falling out in clumps). She pants and pants. I can empathize fully.

Why, oh why, did I ever move to a hot climate?

Read/Post Comments (8)

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