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Back to Work
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I'm back to my paying job this morning. It's nice in some vague way to have a familiar structure, home-away-from-home surroundings and my friends (except those now retired) around me. It's easier to keep an even flow to life when I can organize it in an orderly way and then relax about the whole thing.

I got my cup of Starbuck's (venti red-eye), turned on my computer, and checked the status of stuff. You know. Stuff. The usual stuff.

When to my shock and horror I clicked on the payroll icon and found out that payroll had not been done Friday. There's a possibility all those people will not get a paycheck on time. I came close to freaking out, but first I went ahead and did the process. Maybe we can get in under the wire.

There are two of us who have the responsibility for payroll. I was on jury duty, but the other person was at work. I understand there was a luncheon (professional assistants' day or something) and then the other person went home early enough to beat the traffic.

And payroll? My guess is that it was forgotten in the ecstasy of a social event and anticipation of the weekend. Only a goody-goody like me (that's what my daughter calls me) would think of doing the payroll.

Why can't I "not care" as other people seem to do?

p.s. all is well--beat the deadline!

Read/Post Comments (6)

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