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Contemplating the Whichness of What
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Today is the last day of August. Tomorrow is Labor Day and after that all hell breaks loose in my neck of the woods ( at work). I can only pray that things stay quiet on the home front, with no visits to the ER or the VA.

Speaking of home front, life goes on. The housework multiplies in the middle of the night (where did all that dog hair come from? I just vacuumed!), the shopping always lacks an item or two (I was sure I got some onions. Don't tell me I forgot them. Again.), and medical concerns wave the nasty battle flag (I have been diagnosed with glaucoma).

There. I slipped it in there at the very end of a convoluted sentence. I'm even afraid to say the word. I'm terrified that I'm going blind. My vision has been getting rapidly worse for the last 3 months or so and the opthamologist said special tests next week, and then he will decide on course of action.

I had planned on a whole bunch of reading once I retire. It would be a bitter irony if I were to retire because I can't see, and be unable to read, having put it off for years because I've been too busy earning a living to support a husband (and myself). If it were just I who was being supported, I could have retired a few years ago. OMG, I just realized that would mean no more computer use or internet access, either. Calm. Settle. Breathe. I'm not blind yet. There's still hope.

Well, that was my 30 seconds of self-pity. My day's allotment thereof. Off to feed the dog and water the decorative plants in the front of the house before it gets too hot and humid to go outside.

Thinking of Sue and the approaching storm Gustav, and wishing her safe journey (or safe staying), wherever she is.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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