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October Surprise a little early?
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-- President Bush, Vice President Cheney to skip Republican convention because of Hurricane Gustav, White House says. (CNN blurb).

Do you suppose his decision arises out of a deep humanitarian concern for those in its path who have had to evacuate and from a commitment to go to the refugee centers and be of personal assistance?

But for John McCain to even think about using the storm as the backdrop for his acceptance speech further lowers him in my esteem (Mark Kleiman's words), if that's possible (my addition).

Nothing like candidates getting underfoot and in the way of aid workers just for a photo op. The cynical Republicans will use anything, via a compliant media, to further their self-promotion, no matter the consequences. (I keep having flashbacks to what I've read of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Think it can't happen to us? Think again.)

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