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The Real America
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The more I think about it, the more offended I am about Sarah Palin's comments about the "real America" and "real Americans" as if her limited experience in frontier small towns were the quintessential American experience.

By implication, the rest of us, in our millions, are not real Americans but faux Americans, not to be allowed into the privileged category unless we can shoot straight, speak poorly, and butcher a moose. We are not real Americans unless we suffer from arrested development (junior high school) and rise, not on our merits, but on our sex appeal.

I can imagine my liberal pre-Revolutionary War ancestors turning over in their graves at the thought of the possibility of her becoming our president; include also those who followed, who participated as conductors in the Underground Railroad, fought in two World Wars, demonstrated for Women's Suffrage, and on and on. They were my ancestors, my real American heritage.

In addition, I am outraged at her defining me as not a real American. I have worked for 50 years, contributing to my community, my country, the world. How dare she and the powers behind the throne impugn my citizenship, my patriotism and my worth?

How dare she? Who made her the judge of what is "American"?

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